Treatment sessions are typically 60 Minutes. You can also book a 90 Minute session if you feel like you want more hands on treatment time. It is recomended that when you start out with Myofascial Release you get treatments closer together such as once or twice a week for several weeks. Every body is different and unique. Treatment suggestions will be given to you by your therapist and it is up to you how to procede with your plan of care.


Cancellation Policy: We understand that emergencies happen, if something happens please call us to let us know you will miss your appointment as soon as possible. We require 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Full session charges will be applied to your account for missed appointments. Habitual appointment cancellations/missed sessions will be noted and you will not be able to schedule until your charges are taken care of. Thank you for being respectful of our schedules so that we may bring you the best therapy possible.